Activities / Clubs


Students who love and want to sing will enjoy Chorus but there is still plenty of hard work involved. This group focuses on the proper way of singing, vocal skills and having a fun time singing with fellow students. If you love to sing this is a group for you. We have performed off-campus such as Edison & Ford Estates Winter Homes; RSW International Airport, LCSD School Board Meetings, STEAM/data night

MATH/READING CLUB (2nd - 5th Grades - by invitation only)

Math/Reading Club was developed to help our students who were struggling in Math and Reading to practice missing standards. Students are grouped to meet their individual needs in both reading and math. Math and reading standards are retaught to help students fill in their learning holes.

MATH SUPERSTARS (5th Grade by invitation only)

Math Superstars is a math enrichment group for fifth grade students. Students participate in math problem solving activities and play the math 24 Game. In the spring 5 students are selected to be on the Math Team to represent Diplomat Elementary School at the District Math Competition at the end of the year.


This club is for fourth graders and their siblings to practice skills using computer based program and for extra help from the teacher. A chance for students to use technology and various websites to practice their current skills as well as skills they have not yet mastered. We use IXL, Sumdog, Odyssey, Prodigy, Math and Reading games to achieve our personal best through practice.

ODYSSEY OF THE MIND (2nd through 5th grade)

Odyssey of the Mind is an international creative problem-solving program that engages students in their learning by allowing their knowledge and ideas to come to life in an exciting, productive environment. Participants build self-confidence, develop life skills, create new friendships, and are able to recognize and explore their true potential. Odyssey of the Mind proves that students can have fun while they learn.


ORFF ensemble group will give your child an opportunity to perform on all instruments (recorder, barred instruments, bucket drumming and drums). This group is a unique and fun ensemble for those students who love to play instruments and have a passion to want to strength their ORFF ensemble skills and have fun with fellow students. We have performed during the holiday season and STREAM/dinner & Data night


Students who love and want to sing and play will enjoy Ukulele ensemble. This group focuses on the proper way of playing the ukulele, playing techniques, and having a fun time performing with fellow students. If you love to play a string instrument this an ensemble for you. Please, keep in mind, this ensemble is a semester ensemble, meaning from:

August to December group A - 15 students- (4th graders) and 15 students (5 graders) can participate. I have only 30 student ukuleles school owned.

January to May group B- 15 students- (4th graders) and 15 students (5 graders)