Classroom Celebrations


Parents may provide a classroom treat for a child’s birthday celebration.  As per district policy, all treats must come from a store or bakery. Treats should be individual servings such as cupcakes, donuts or prepackaged cookies or snack cakes and should be enough for the class to share.  Cakes, drinks and treat bags are not permitted.  The treat can be dropped off in the front office by parents.  The teacher will be alerted to pick them up and will distribute them at a time that works best with the classroom schedule.  

Parents may bring food to enjoy with their child and eat at one of the picnic tables outside. Parents and visitors are not permitted to purchase school lunch. Please do not bring gifts, decorations or balloons as these cannot be brought back to the classroom. No birthday celebrations may take place in the school cafeteria or picnic area.

For those hosting off-campus birthday parties, students will only be permitted to pass out invitations if all boys or girls or the entire class is invited.  Please let your child’s teacher know so they can designate a time and manner to distribute invitations.

Accelerated Reader Celebrations

These parties will be determined by the grade level as part of the Accelerated Reader Plan and submitted for approval to administration at the beginning of the school year. The student requirements must be communicated to parents by the grade level with a reminder sent on Parentlink before the end of the AR test close date.

Other Grade Level Incentive Parties

Incentive parties for homework, attendance or other reasons must be submitted in writing to administration for approval. If approved, please remember to email office staff at least the day before, so that they may answer specific questions about dress, etc.