Before and After School Program

Diplomat Elementary
Dawn to Dusk Program Information Sheet

Hours of Operation:

Dawn: 6:45 am – 8:30 am (Children will be dismissed to class)

● The Dawn Program drop-off location is the café.

Dusk: 3:10p.m. - 6:00pm (Our late pick up fee is $1.00 a minute.)

● After your third late pick up, your child will be dismissed from our program.  


Phone Number:  (239) 458-3232

This number is different from our school number. 

Please understand that this is the only line answered after 4:00 pm.


$5.00 a day for each child in the morning program

$6.00 a day for each child in the afternoon program who is picked up by 4:00 pm

$10.00 a day for each child who is picked up after 4:15 pm

*Weekly payments are due on the first day of attendance every week.  Any amount not used, will show as a credit the following week.

*If full deposit amount is not reimbursed on the first day of the week that your child attends each week, you are subject to a $10.00 late fee.

We will always know your credit at the start of each new week, but it is your responsibility to ask us!

Return Checks:

There is a $10.00 return check fee if your check does not clear the bank and is returned to us.  

  •   From this point, cash only will be accepted.

Non School Days:

Our before and after school program does not operate on non-school days.

Sign In/Sign Out:

All parents are expected to sign their children in & out of both the morning and afternoon programs.  No one under the age of sixteen is permitted to sign children in or out.

  • Anyone signing a child out must have a valid photo ID available.


All students are required to wear a mask while attending the Dawn to Dusk program.

After School Snacks:

Parents are asked to send in a snack for their child to eat during after school check in.  We will provide a second snack for those children staying for the later pick up time.

REGISTRATION for Dawn to Dusk 

Will take place during Open House Aug. 5th from 4 - 6PM in the cafeteria 

*Once school starts, enrollment forms will only be available during the before school & after school program hours and must be completed in person.  The registration deposit must also be paid at this time.