Before and After School Program

Diplomat Elementary
Dawn to Dusk Program Information Sheet


The goal of the fee-based program is to provide a standardized fee based program that allows for accessibility to families at a reasonable cost.

The fee based program provides our students with supervision and organized activities. The program will begin on the first day of school and will conclude on the last full day of school.

There will be no afternoon fee based program services offered on any

Early Dismissal Day.

Please make arrangements in advance for your after school childcare needs for the following dates: Aug. 26th, Oct. 28th, Dec. 20th, Feb.24h, Apr. 28th, May 29h, & May 30th.The morning program will operate normally on these days.

Hours of Operation:

Drop off and pick up is located next to the cafeteria entrance to the left of the main office.

Dawn: 6:45 am – 8:30 am (Children will be dismissed to class)

Dusk: 3:10p.m. - 6:00pm

Enrollment Forms are available during the before school & after school program hours.


Our program charges a weekly rate.  

There is a Registration Fee of $25.00 per child/$40.00 per family due at time of registration.

*Before School program: $25 weekly

*After School program: $50 weekly

  •  Tuition will be prorated on days in which there is no school (ex: holidays, professional duty days, etc) or when we offer no afternoon services due to Early Dismissal Days.
  •  Payments for services must always be made in advance of the week beginning services. This means that all tuition fees are due by the Friday prior to the participating week. If your child's account goes negative, you are subject to a $10.00 late fee.Three (3) late payments will result in dismissal from the program. There will be no discounts for absences in programs using the flat rate structure. 
  •  Children must be picked up by 6:00 pm each day. A late fee of $1.00 for each additional minute will be charged beginning at 6:01pm. Late fees are to be paid upon arrival and in your school’s form of payment.  Three (3) late pick-ups will result in dismissal from the program.

*If your child's account becomes inactive for more than two weeks, we reserve the right to replace their spot with someone from the waiting list.

Return Checks:

There is a $10.00 return check fee if your check does not clear the bank and is returned to us.  From this point, cash only will be accepted.

Phone Number:  458-3232

This number is different from our school number. 

Please understand that this is the only line answered after 4:00 pm.

Sign In/Sign Out:

All parents are expected to walk their children all the way up to sign them in & out of both the morning and afternoon programs. No one under the age of sixteen is permitted to sign children in or out.  Anyone signing a child out must have a valid photo ID available.

 Behavior Policy:

 The fee based program emphasizes a culture of collaboration, support, and mutual respect. Positive peer relationships and a cooperative learning environment for students and staff is important to us. Children and parents should be aware of our behavior policy:

FIRST OFFENSE: Verbal Warning 


THIRD OFFENSE: Referral written and parents/guardians will be contacted 


NOTE: Three written referrals will result in a suspension or dismissal from the program for the remainder of the school year.


Electronic Device Policy:

The electronic device policy is consistent with the school policy, therefore, cell phones, gaming devices, or other electronics are not to be used during a child’s time in the before or after-care program. All devices must stay in a child’s backpack. We request that toys, games, and any electronic devices be left at home as our school will not be held responsible for missing, damaged, or stolen property. 


There will be a designated homework sessions. Students need to come prepared to complete homework assignments.  Please ensure they have pencils, papers, and homework materials.


If homework is completed early, your child should have an AR book to read at all times. Some students may not finish all their homework in the designated time.



Students are allowed time during attendance to eat a snack from home if you choose to send one. We also provide a later afternoon snack for the children at 4:15pm.



The staff at fee based may not administer medication. 

A parent/guardian must inform the Program Director of any medical condition or need as well as any change in condition or need throughout the year. Medication must be dropped off or picked up during regular school hours.