Lunch with your child

Dear Parents, We are happy that you are here for lunch with your child. The items below are reminders for while you are on our campus.

Please remember to bring your drivers license with you as we are checking all parents in and out.

You will be given a yellow name tag, please attach it to your shirt below your left shoulder so that it is visible to our staff.

Your child will meet you in our front office, then will step into the café to notify their teacher and meet you by the picnic table.

Student lunches are 25 minutes long, lunch will be spent with only your child.

Please watch for your child's class to exit the cafeteria, the teacher will wait there for your child to join their class.

As you are leaving, please remember to sign out in the front office and leave your yellow sticker.

Parents do not enter our cafeteria.

Thank you for helping us keep your children safe.