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Posted on 10/24/2018
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October 24, 2018

Dear Parents:

      We have just completed our 1st Quarter of the 2018-19 School Year. We have all gotten to know our new teachers and classmates, and we are deeply immersed in learning. We have a new Vocabulary initiative at our school this year. Each week I introduce two new words on the student news show. One word is a character word that supports our Character Education and School Mission. The other word is purely academic vocabulary, often based on Greek or Latin Root words. For example, we have learned the words, meter, text, and graph. All are root words. Students have also learned the Latin words for the numbers one, two , three and four. Ask your child to  tell you one of our vocabulary words. They might surprise you with some pretty great words. Throughout the day I and other administrators ask student to tell us the words of the week and their definitions. When they can do so, they earn points for their class. At the end of the month the class with the most points wins a cookie party with the principal.

      This is just one way we are encouraging vocabulary development. The more words a child knows and understands, the more likely they are to understand what they are reading. Support your child’s reading success by speaking with them often, and helping them learn and understand new words. One good way is to give your child some post-it notes to have in their AR book. When they come across a new word they can write it on the note and then look up the definition or ask you or their teacher to help them define the word. They enjoy mastering new words, which sometimes lead to a greater understanding of the world around them.

Best Wishes,

Mrs. Vertrees

September 14, 2018 Principal Blog

Dear Parents:

We hope you will join us Thursday, September 20, at Jason’s Deli for our first Spirit Night of the school year. The PTO sponsors four Spirit Nights a year, one each quarter. All families are invited to join us at a local restaurant for a nice meal out, with a percentage of the night’s profits given to the school. The students enjoy seeing their classmates, and it is an opportunity for parents to meet the children in their own child’s class. I will be there, hope to see you there!

Last Wednesday we had a combined School Advisory Meeting, Parent Safety Presentation, and then a PTO business meeting. The Safety Presentation had some very good information about safety at school. But the more powerful presentation was the information on internet and cyber safety by an officer from the Cape Coral Police Department. Perhaps the MOST dangerous place for children in our nation is online. Officer Chris has worked Major Crimes for over 10 years. She is very aware of the dangers online, and has some wonderful advice on how to protect our children. She left a hand out for any who are interested in this information. You can pick up a copy at the counter in our front office.

Lastly, our Fall Fundraiser packet came home with students on Friday. We hope you will support our school and classrooms by selecting some items from our Food for the Soul catalog. Families enjoyed these items when we sold this catalog two years ago. You can order with the packet sent home or online at All items should arrive in November just in time for the holiday table, or gift giving.

Have a great week ahead.

Mrs. Vertrees

Sept 7, 2018 
Principal Blog  

Dear Parents,

I hope that you were able to attend our curriculum night. We love sharing with you our Mission Statements and Vision. And the opportunity to give you information about learning expectations at each grade level.

Our next parent event, the School Safety Meeting, is scheduled for Tuesday, September 11th.  At 5:30 that evening our School Advisory Committee will meet. If you are interested in joining that group please come to the Media Center at 5:30.

Immediately after the SAC Meeting, at 6 PM, our PTO will sponsor a Safety Meeting. I will be there with our School Resource Officer to talk about safety at our school, and give you details about our Lockdown Drills. We never want our children to be frightened by our drills, so if you understand our plan and intentions, it will help the children.

Along with school safety we will have a special representative from the Cape Coral Police Department, and our School Counselor, discuss the issue of internet safety. Cyberbullying is a threat to our children, along with the very real threat of predators using social media to scare, and exploit children. Come that evening to learn how to keep your children safe on their internet devices.

After the presentation, at 7 PM, all who are interested are welcome to stay for the PTO meeting. This is our first meeting of the year, we will elect officers and plan for the coming year.

Sept. 1, 2018 Principal Blog
Dear Parents:

We have had another wonderful week at Diplomat Elementary.

I have several important things to touch base on this week.  Regarding fundraising, upcoming school wide events, and the cafeteria.

We have two fundraisers that we are beginning soon. Next Friday, we kick off a new fundraiser, the Silly Shirt Friday. As you know students can wear a theme shirt of Fridays with uniform bottoms. However, for the small sum of 1$ students can pay to wear a special shirt on the First Friday of the month. The shirts will always have a special theme. The September shirt is a Tropical Shirt, which reflects the overall school theme. Students can wear a shirt with bright flowers, parrots, anything tropical. Shirts must still meet the district dress code of no spaghetti straps, no bare bellies, no spandex or see through. The dollar fundraiser for a silly shirt bring funds into the Grade Level accounts and support classroom supplies and special events.

Our major, school wide Fall Fundraiser will also kick off in Mid September. It will feature delicious treats from Believe Kids. Students can earn a lanyard and animal by selling as few as one item. Please help support our school with the Food for the Soul Fundraiser.

We also have two important events coming up. This Thursday, Sept. 6, is Curriculum Night. Please come to school that evening to learn more about learning expectations for this year.  Then on Sept. 11th the PTO has is sponsoring a School Safety Night. I will be there with the School Counselor and representatives from the Cape Coral Police Department to share plans for safety at school and on-line. Before the meeting, at 5:30 we will have our first School Advisory Committee Meeting. And directly after the Safety Presentation, whose who wish to stay can participate in the PTO meeting. We hope to see you there.

Lastly, there has been a change in guidelines regarding the free lunch plan. ALL students qualify for a full free breakfast and hot lunch. New Guidelines allow children to bring a sandwich, or some part of their lunch from home, and go through the line to pick up a fruit, vegetable and milk. If parents opt for this the child must take all three: milk, fruit and vegetable, and must do so when they first enter the cafeteria. We will not allow students to come in with their lunch box, sit down, and then later decide to get up and get the extra items. The important thing to know is that students can supplement their lunch from home with milk, fruit and a vegetable, however, this should be planned in advance and the students must get these items by entering the line with their class and with their lunch card.

Have a great Labor Day Weekend,

Mrs. Vertrees