Principal's Blog September 15 2020

Principals Blog September 15th 2020

Dear Families:

You guys have been awesome at getting your kids to school on time.   We know that sometimes kids have appointments or just had a tough morning, but we appreciate your dedication to getting your child here and ready to learn.  

Quick Reminder:  Please do not park across the street and drop your kids off.  Our line is running very smooth now, in fact we are clear 5 minutes before the late bell.  Please use our line, as it is the safest way to get your child to the front door.   

Thank you all for making sure your child is masked up and ready to go.  Please if there is a day you forget, don't panic, we have kids masks to hand out.   

To our Home Connect Families, please make sure your child is logging in on time each day, and back in on time after breaks during the day.   It is important that your child doesn't miss instruction.   Please contact your child's teacher if you are having any issues at all.  

Finally,  We love Birthdays as much as you do, but due to covid-19 we have to change a few things.   Please feel free to send in a wrapped treat such as Little Debbie Cakes, or wrapped treat for the class.  The teacher must pass out to the students.   Unfortunately, we can't accept cake or donuts.  All must be wrapped and store bought.   Hopefully once this pandemic is over we can start celebrating as we have in the past.  

I am enjoying getting to know some of you and especially your children.   As always it is an honor to serve as your child's principal. 


Mr. Vilardi