Principal's Blog July 15 2020

Principals Blog July 15th 2020


Dear Families:

I am so excited and honored to serve as your new Principal.  I can’t wait to meet all of you and your children.  This is going to be a different and interesting year for all of us.  Things will look very different at all schools for the safety of our children.   

I wanted to let you know that right now my custodial crew and I are getting the campus ready for the return of students.   Your child’s safety and health is our top priority at this time.   

As a parent you have several options based on the needs of your family.  A survey will be coming out this week to each of you. 

A. You can choose to come back in person

B. You can choose Lee Home Connect and be matched with one of our teachers at Diplomat for the first quarter and choose to return after that. 

C. You can choose to sign your child up for Lee Virtual School and be able to return after first semester. 

D. You can choose to unenroll your child from Diplomat and Homeschool your child.  This option would mean you lose your seat at Diplomat Elementary, and if you decide to come back, you would have to go through the choice process. 

I encourage each of you to consider the option that works for you.   The district and I are working closely together to make sure if you choose option A, that your child is safe while here at school.  We will be hand washing, social distancing, and sanitizing throughout the day.   

Thank you for entrusting us with your children.  I am confident we will get through this together as The Diplomat Family.   The teachers are excited to be working with your children again.   

Please know you can count on us!  I encourage you to keep checking with the Lee County School District’s web page and  the news to find out the latest information on the reopening of schools.  

Mr. Chuck Vilardi