Principal's Blog April 29 2020

Principals Blog April 29 2020


April 29th, 2020

Dear Parents:
We hope that you and all of your loved ones are healthy and doing well. We appreciate all you have done to support your children with distance learning. As we have always said, when parents and teachers work together – children succeed. 
Through the weeks we have worked together to connect all of the students to online learning.  The school has also provided locations for Grab and Go Food Sites, and connected students and families with support personnel who can assist with computer questions  or Google Classroom issues. 
Now we want to let you know about another community source of support. SalusCare, our local Community Mental Health Center is offering free Group Support Sessions through Zoom. If you or your child are struggling with issues such as anxiety or grief, you can reach out to this resource. Information about the sessions are posted here on our website. 
Best wishes to all of you. We miss seeing all of the students’ lovely faces. Please tell them that Mrs. Vertrees says, Hello. 


March 24, 2020

Dear Parents:
We are looking forward to beginning our new adventure with Distance Learning. Every teacher in our school is creating a Google Classroom where your child can go to view messages from the teacher. On the classroom site students will also see the learning goals for the week, and find assignments and some fun activities. 

Every child should be logging into the Google Classroom to say hello to their teacher. Parents, I encourage you to log in with your child to view the pages and view assignments. Each week, beginning March 30, there will be some assignments posted, and there may also be some fun ideas for learning that are not required, but will provide fun activity for your child. Children will also be able to read books and take AR tests from home. Please check out our distance learning help page to learn how to connect to Distance Learning programs and to address problems with the system. 

We are sorry for the reasons that we had to move to Distance Learning. The Covid-19 Coronavirus is a very contagious and dangerous illness. Because it is so contagious, it was important for schools to close to lessen the chances of spreading the virus into homes. We hope that you are safe and feeling well, and that you will practice the social distancing requirements for safety.  Please stay safe and healthy. We miss your children and hope that by working together to reduce the spread of this disease, we hope we will be able to come together later this semester to work and learn in the classroom. 

Best Wishes, 

Mrs. Vertrees, Principal