Security On Campus

Security On Campus

Diplomat Elementary School

Student security is of a very high priority at Diplomat Elementary. All of our security procedures are applied indiscriminately to all parents and visitors on campus. We walk a fine line between creating a welcoming environment for parents and volunteers while providing a safe and secure school for our students. Please understand that the students must be our first priority.  Having said that, please understand that you may, at times, be inconvenienced if people don’t recognize you and ask you to produce photo identification, but we feel we must do what is best for all of the students of our school. We appreciate your keeping in mind that we meet and speak with literally thousands of parents, step-parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and siblings of our students.  There is no way that our office staff can accurately recognize you and match you up with the proper child and the current custody restrictions as they may apply to your child. 

1. Never assume that the people in the office know who you are. Always have your photo I.D. with you when entering school.

2. It is not necessary to walk your child to class each day. If your child has a problem getting to class, we will assign a school employee or a student Ambassador to escort him/her to class.

3. If you have a concern or information which needs to be communicated to the teacher, it may be addressed through the office staff or you may request an appointment with the teacher.

4. If you have a scheduled appointment or have reason to visit the class during instruction hours, you will need to present your driver’s license in the office where you’ll be issued a visitor tag to be worn while on campus. 

5. Volunteers must have completed paperwork on file with our Volunteer Coordinator, sign in upon arrival at school, and wear the proper volunteer sticker.

6. All "going home" plans should be made at home and clearly communicated to your child. If there is a change in the normal "going home" routine, it must be put in writing and sent in to the teacher in the morning.

7. If you come into the office to remove your child early from class, you MUST have photo I.D. with you. If you are sending someone in your place, this information must have been written in a note and sent in to the teacher. The person being sent must bring in photo I.D., and their name must appear on the Emergency Card.

8. When dropping off and picking up your student, please form two lines entering the driveway, and then merge into one at the appropriate point. Remain in your car. Do not park and get out.

9.  All students leaving school prior to dismissal must be signed out through the front office.