Principal Blog

Dear Parents:  We have some important information for December. First of all it is very important that students continue to bring water bottles so that they can have water in the classroom and out at P.E.  The weather is cooler, but it is not just heat that makes students need a drink of water during the day or while playing sports out in the field.  Research shows that drinking water during the day keeps students more attentive and is especially important for any students with medical issues or using prescription drugs. At P.E. trips to the water fountain are not very safe as students have to leave their group and walk through other groups, unsupervised, to get a sip of water. So, please take care to send a water bottle with your child each day. If they drink the water in class they can refill in the classroom before going out to specials.

Speaking of water bottles, we have some very nice water containers, along with sweaters, jackets, sunglasses and lunch boxes in our lost and found on the stage. At the end of the semester we will donate these items to a local agency as we do not have room to continue to store them.  At lunchtime we ask students who are missing items to come to the stage to look through our lost and found. If your child is missing any of the above items, please tell them to check our lost and found. Also, it helps tremendously if you put your child’s name on their water bottle, or on a label in their lunchbox or sweater. Then we can return these items promptly.

Remember that we will soon be changing our parking situation for visitors. Please only use the first parking lot at the very front of our school for parent drop off, this is the supervised drop off area for students.