Dear Parents:


     We at Diplomat Elementary hope that you and your family were safe during the storm, and that your homes had little or no damage. We know that many of you have come through fine, while others are still without electricity and in some cases water.

     We are so very glad that school is starting again on Monday, September 25, and look forward to seeing your children. Our school is in GREAT shape and we are ready to get back to the business of teaching. We want to provide a normal routine day for students. Students who have gone through trauma with the storm, or who are not living at home, need some structure and regular safe routine in their lives. We want to give them that at school.

     If you are not living in your home, and need to alter your regular afterschool transportation, please send a note in to the teacher. We will record the changes and make sure your child is on the correct bus, or sent to the correct pick up area. Also, if you have lost essentials for school such as uniforms or school supplies, let the teacher know so that we can assist you. If you have larger needs, for food, or housing, call our front office. We will try to put you in contact with agencies that can help.

     We also, know that some of your families are also feeling stress related to, the hurricane in Puerto Rico. If you or your children need counseling services, please contact our School Counselor, Heidi Durst.

We have made some changes in our school calendar of events, and we have canceled the Fall Fundraiser. However, we will begin our Canned Food Drive to support Salvation Army and the work they are doing to feed Hurricane Irma victims. We will also hold our Spirit Night, on Thursday, September 28th at Chick- Fil-A. Come out and join us for a fun evening.


Best Wishes, Mrs. Vertrees