Dear Parents:

Our new parking/drop off plan is now in place. Visitor parking is set up in the large parking lot, and there will be NO Drop Off area in the parking lot. That lot is there for Parking Only.

Parents who drive their children to school in the morning should only use the drop off line in front of the school office. This area has adult supervision to keep students safe.

Parents who need to come in to the office, or who choose to walk their child to the front gates now have a line of parking spaces in the very front of the large parking lot. All other entrances to the lot are blocked in the morning. Parents wishing to park must pull into the very first lane (nearest the building). At this time there is an arrow pointing out in that lane. That is there for pick up at the end of the day. Until that is repainted please do not let that stop you from pulling into that lane and using a visitor parking space. If all the visitor spaces are full you may use a space anywhere in the lot.

The reason we have made this adjustment to the parking lot is to stop parents from using this area as a drop off spot. This lot has no adult supervision and has not been a designated drop off area. Please follow these traffic patterns and help us keep all children safe.

Reminder: Students should not be at school before 8 AM as there is no supervision for students who come early. If you must bring you child early due to work schedule, you can contact our before school program for childcare.